Frequently asked questions

What is is an online initiative of Habitat for Humanity Europe & Central Asia. It provides information about a selection of Habitat projects worldwide. This website also provides the possibility of donating to Habitat for Humanity projects by building a virtual house – alone or with friends - within these projects.

How does work?

At, you can build a virtual house. You can start building a virtual house yourself or help build someone else’s virtual house. As initiator, first you choose in which country you would like to build the virtual house. The next step is to lay down the foundation of the virtual house, which is worth € 15. You can invite family, friends and acquaintances to help build. As an initiator, you will get an update each time your virtual house is changed due to donations being made. You can watch the changes to your virtual house on your own web page. Habitat for Humanity will spend 75% of the money that you and your friends donate on a real project in the country chosen by you. The other 25% that remains is for organizational costs, such as maintenance and promotion of the website, and to pay office costs, such as rent.
 If you are building your virtual house as part of the efforts of one of our corporate sponsors, you need to contribute to the virtual house of a team or start your own team.  You can read more about this on your corporate sponsor’s dedicated area on the website.
 Apart from that, we give information on our projects, and feedback on the results on This way, we strive towards the best possible way of showing what happens with the donations made.

Who is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization that offers safe and sound accommodation for families in developing areas. Habitat for Humanity offers non-profit loans and builds houses together with local professionals. The initiative for this lies with the future owner of the house, who appeals for a house him- or herself, and helps during the building period, and pays back for the house.

What role do corporate sponsors have with Build with me and Habitat?

Various companies provide support to Habitat for Humanity by sponsoring the Build with Me website. Each company has its own area of the Build with Me website where their fund-raising activities in support of this initiative are described and tracked.  If you wish, you can contribute to the efforts of our sponsors by helping to build virtual houses for them.  Click on the Corporate Sponsors tab for further information.