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Run Lauren Run

Lauren Wright

The Netherlands
Started on:
16 July 2017
Still needed:
€ 250

Why am I building this house?

'What home means for me....'

Waking up and enjoying a noisy, messy breakfast together at the kitchen table. Helping our daughter with her reading practice, lying on the sofa. Lighting up our space and welcoming friends and family for dinner.
A sanctuary with an endless supply of warm baths, cosy blankets and unbroken views of the rainy Dutch sky. Going to sleep every night feeling safe and secure, even after a hard day at the office.

My family and I are very lucky. At times, actually most of the time, we take our home and family security for granted. I want to support the life-changing projects of the Habitat for Humanity NL team. Raising money to help families abroad to build their own home. It is hard to imagine not having a decent home, electricity, running water and stability. As I run the 16K this year, I will have plenty of time to remember just how lucky I am!


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Lauren  Wright
Lauren Wright

€ 15,00

16 July 2017

The foundation of this house has been laid, help me to complete this house.

Adel Kassem

€ 15,00

26 September 2017


Rye Fanoni

€ 25,00

17 September 2017


Debbie Wright

€ 25,00

14 August 2017

My daughter makes me proud. :)

Shih-chi Chen

€ 15,00

11 August 2017

Amazing of you to be doing this!! Run Lauren run!

Hayden Roberts

€ 20,00

10 August 2017

Nice initiative, good luck!

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