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Jill Dorjath

The Netherlands
Started on:
13 October 2017
Still needed:
€ 1.618

Why am I building this house?

On October 15th, I will run the Amsterdam Marathon. Running 26 miles will be challenging. To help me get there, I need some good karma and need your help.

I'd like to make this effort more impactful by helping Habitat for Humanity build a home for orphans and their caregivers in Uganda.

Making a difference in people's lives will make this run more meaningful, and your support will help get me across the finish line.

Every donation, large or small, will go toward this project to build homes for orphans and their caregivers who have been made vulnerable by war, disability or disease. The goal of this effort is to provide a decent place to live and offer support and vocational training.

Please contribute to this important initiative. It costs 4000 Euros to build 1 home in Uganda. With your help, the project will be successful, and we will build at least 1 home for those in need.

Thanks for your generosity and support.

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Angelika Lindstrand

€ 200,00

13 October 2017

Way to go Jill!!!

Andrea Grace

€ 15,00

13 October 2017

Sending you so much love.

Agnieszka Wood

€ 21,00

13 October 2017

I am so proud of you! I wish you lots of energy to finish the run and lots of inspiration for the ones in the future! with love, Agnieszka