Legal notice

This notice sets out the terms that apply to your use of the Build With Me website at and (the “Website”). By accessing and using this Website, you accept and agree to comply with these terms of use.  We reserve the right to modify these terms of use at any time without notice to you. Therefore, we recommend that you consult these terms regularly, because you accept the newest version of these conditions every time you visit this website.
This notice also contains a Privacy Statement which explains what personal data will be collected via the site and how it will be used.

Ownership and control of the Website
The Website is owned and controlled by Habitat for Humanity Netherlands.  The Website contains dedicated areas for third party corporate sponsors, where some content is provided by such sponsors.  The Website allows individual persons to post comments as part of their normal use of the site.  Neither Habitat for Humanity nor its corporate sponsors control or monitor comments posted by such individuals.  If you have any concerns about such content, please contact Habitat for Humanity at

The aim of the Website
The Website is designed to offer information on Habitat for Humanity projects and feedback on the results of donations made. Furthermore, the Website offers private persons and companies the possibility to build virtual houses, and through this donate to Habitat for Humanity.

Content on the Website
All information on the Website is of a general nature, and does not represent personal, professional, investment or legal advice, or an equivalent of that. Views expressed on the Website may be from users or corporate sponsors and not necessarily the views of Habitat for Humanity. 
A lot of care goes into the content, design and maintenance of this Website. However this does not guarantee the information provided on this Website is accurate, complete or up-to-date. Habitat for Humanity gives no warranties and makes no representations as to the accuracy, quality, validity or completeness of any information contained on the Website.  Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to add, change or remove the contents of this website (including the hyperlinks) without prior notice.  The preceding statement applies equally to any content in corporate sponsor areas.

Use of this website
You may use this Website solely for information purposes and/or making donations to Habitat for Humanity.  For the purpose of making donations, you may create a team and team profile, start building a house and/or make donations to existing houses.  You may post comments and other material as part of the house building process and you may publicise your donations using the tools provided via the Website.  By posting such information you give Habitat for Humanity a licence to use it for the purposes of the Website.

You are responsible for ensuring that in making donations via the Website, you enter the correct amount for payment.  Habitat for Humanity is unable to return any donations made.  If you believe there has been a technical error with the processing of your payment, please contact the payment services provider, or Habitat for Humanity at info@bouwmee.

If you no longer wish to participate in Build with Me, you can always stop the use of the Website. Any content that you leave on the Website will continue to be governed by these terms of use. 

Contributions – text, pictures, videos and audio recordings and web links – you provide on the Website must correspond to all of the following requirements:
• they must not be defamatory, inflammatory, indecent, obscene, or sexually or racially offensive, or in any other way meant to cause intimidation, insult, threat, abuse, or offense;
• they must not be unlawful in any other way:
• you are not permitted to use pictures or images of someone else or belonging to someone else without his or her permission;
• advertisements or other commercial activities are not allowed;
• contributions should not contain viruses, harmful software or programs that can bring harm to others’ computers.
Habitat for Humanity can deny you the use of the website temporarily or permanently, delete your files, data and/or materials, or give a warning to other users should you act contrary to the above requirements and/or if Habitat for Humanity thinks your actions can cause damage or liability to yourself, other users, or Habitat for Humanity.

The virtual house
Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to close a virtual house and donate the donations made to the chosen project if it is not finished twelve months after its foundations were laid.  The initiator of this house will receive a notification a month before the upcoming deactivation, and can reactivate his or her house should he or she wish to do so. If more than half of the house that is to be deactivated is finished, the money donated so far will go to the project the house was built for. Should less than half of the house that is to be deactivated be finished, Habitat for Humanity will give the money donated so far where it is most needed. If the virtual house is finished (or if it is closed), the money will go to the project the house was built for. 

A virtual house is finished on if a total of € 400 is donated. The price of a virtual house on is not in correspondence with the prices of real houses. Habitat for Humanity works with local parties and materials for the building of houses. Therefore, real prices of a house can differ. 

While Habitat for Humanity will make every effort to try and avoid technical or content errors, the visit to and use of the Website is at your own account and risk.  Habitat for Humanity is not liable for any loss or damage caused by interruptions in the availability of this site, or by access or use of the Website, or by use of information provided on this Website, or by use of software and/or services provided on the Website, including (but not limited to) any loss of or damage to your data, equipment or software. 

The payment system for facilitating donations on the Website is provided by a third party payment services provider. Habitat for Humanity is not responsible for any such third party services or errors in the processing of payments.  Any problems with payment processing should be addressed to the payment services provider.

This Website contains links to external internet pages. Habitat for Humanity is not liable for the use of, or the contents of these external internet pages.

Copyright and trade marks
The rights to all the material (including text, images and video footage) on this Website belong to Habitat for Humanity or its sponsors, unless stated otherwise. You are allowed to view this material as part of your normal use of the Website. You are not permitted to copy, distribute or otherwise use the material without the approval of Habitat for Humanity or the author.

Habitat for Humanity, Build With Me and the associated logos are trade marks of Habitat for Humanity.  Corporate names, brand names and their associated logos in corporate sponsor areas are the trade marks of such sponsors.  No use of such trade marks is permitted without the express written permission of the trade mark owners.

You are allowed to place a link to the Website on your own website or on third party social media websites. The link must operate in such a way that the web page containing the hyperlink disappears completely, or the Website opens in a new window. The URL of the Website must be clearly visible.  Your are not permitted to display the Website by “framing” or similar or an equivalent method.
All material you post on the Website or submit to Habitat for Humanity are unsolicited and will be considered as non-confidential. Habitat for Humanity will not accept any obligations in connection with such material. Habitat for Humanity is allowed to use any comments or requests you submit via at its discretion without further permission for the purposes of operating the Website, except for restrictions under applicable laws for the protection of personal information.

Should one or more of the above terms of use be found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the remainder of the conditions continue to be valid in full force and effect.
These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Netherlands and subject to the jurisdiction of the Netherlands courts.